An Extremely Good, Very Large Sashiko Furoshiki

$475.00 USD


late nineteenth century
66" x 60", 168 cm x 152.5 cm

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth that is used for carrying items and for storing them.  Furoshiki of this type, meaning those that are heavily sashiko stitched in white thread on a dark ground an showing elaborate patterns were often part of a young couple's wedding trousseau.

This sashiko stitched furoshiki is a very fine example of this type and shows fantastically good sashiko stitching in remarkably good condition.  The four corners are stitched in the form of a chrysanthemum; the upper left and lower right corners being stylized chrysanthemums.  The upper right corner shows the Buddhist interlocking circle motif or shippo tsunagi;  the lower left corner also shows this pattern along with sayagata, which shows interlocking Buddhist swastikas.

The amount of stitching, its excellent condition, and the fine condition of the indigo dyed cotton base cloth make this a superb example of a sashiko stitched furoshiki.