An Extremely Beautiful Piece Constructed Under Kimono: Silk Blocks

$495.00 USD

mid twentieth century
49" x 48", 124.5 cm x 122 cm

This is really stunning juban or under kimono which is hand stitched entirely of silk squares, each of the same size, and placed in such a way that color and pattern seems to be cascading on a diagonal.

The juban is interesting because the collar area, or the front of the piece, meets or joins very simply along a straight line, thus not disturbing the overall diagonal flow of the colors and patterns which the maker has designed.

The back of the garment shows off the design in much more direct way, and it is undeniable that this is an exceptional piece of design and execution.

The garment is lined and as you can see in some of the detail photos attached here, there are small holes which bore through the lining to the outside of the juban. Not unusual for an old garment, but please take note of them.  They are not obvious nor do they detract from the overall, beautiful symmetry of this piece.

A magnificent thing: wonderfully designed and crafted.

Very recommended.