An Exceptionally Good Boro Fragment: 19th Century Futon Cover

$396.00 USD

*reduced from $495.00*
late nineteenth century
34" x 43", 86.5 cm x 109 cm

Pay special attention to this fantastic, indigo dyed cotton, old boro cloth, a fragment from a futon cover. It is and exceptional example.

The quality of this boro piece is exactly what you would want to see from the best of them: it is completely stitched from old, indigo dyed cottons, some of the areas layers-thick, as was custom in the old days. The narrow and shimmering palette of blues, the wild congregation of pieces, the richness of the surface, the bountiful arrangement of small fragments--each of hand spun, hand woven cotton--come together to make this a desirable boro cloth. Its age and its construction mark this as being a great, boro fragment.

This piece shows very well the raw spirit of unintended art that is boro's appeal. By looking carefully at the accompanying detail photos, and by looking at each of the two sides of this cloth, it is very apparent that this tattered beauty was crafted a very long time ago, by hand, and it shows all the attributes desirable in an 19th century boro cloth: well-worn, hand spun, indigo dyed cottons in profusion.

A special offering, this piece is highly recommended.

An Exceptionally Good Boro Fragment: 19th Century Futon Cover