An Excellent Thickly Layered Boro Noragi: Twentieth Century Cottons

$425.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
29" x 42", 73.5 cm x 106.5 cm

This is a beautifully patched and layered jacket of a high quality and type that is increasingly difficult to find--for a collector of boro or for someone wanting to acquire a boro jacket, this is one to consider.

It is artfully patched on its front, back and also on its inside: the boro coat is equally beautiful inside and out as can be seen by the accompanying detail photos.

Its patches are constant on all its surfaces; there is a loose seam or split on the bottom, back of the coat; there is hole to one of the sleeves. The sleeves of the jacket are not thickly layered like the body of the coat is.

The colors are low-contrast, dark and neutral. There is a bright, turquoise-colored cotton collar which shows a spray of stains as can be seen on the accompanying detail photo.

The richness of patches and their density make this a desirable boro jacket and one that is truly representative of old Japan.

Very recommended.