An Excellent Pieced Shibori Han Juban: Hand Spun Cotton

$545.00 USD

mid to late nineteenth century
29 1/2" x 49 1/2", 75 cm x 125 cm

This gloriously pieced 19th century han juban or half under kimono is a rare beauty--this is an obvious statement and it is truth.

The body of this stunning garment is stitched from hand spun, hand woven indigo dyed cotton shibori cloth that is both rustic and elegant in design and execution.

Certainly the fact that the cotton yarns are hand spun is one of the attractive details  but it is also the forceful design of the dyed shibori that is also a draw.

The indigo is rich and velvety in tone; the design and how various are joined by stitching is beautiful.

The sleeves show a cotton plaid and a darker plaid of tsumugi or a kind of raw silk. The dark sleeve tips are finished with a detail of cotton velour.

As can be seen there is some slight damage to the piece--some holes, some of which are shown in detail photos here--but that is to be expected. The damage does not detract from the overall beauty of this remarkable piece.

It should also be noted that it seems an old tenugui was re-used as a collar piece at the nape area.

The combination of piecing, of tone and color and the rich and wonderful age of this garment is remarkable.

Highly recommended.