An Elaborately Woven and Patched Boro Panel: Kasuri Kanji

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
59" x 13", 150 cm x 33 cm

This is a super beautiful and unusual length of indigo dyed cotton boro cloth.

It is a length, probably taken from a futon cover, which shows vertically-oriented rows of kasuri woven kanji or Chinese characters which are not often seen in such a way in kasuri woven cotton.

To add the character and the beauty of this length, it is heavily patched with many closely-arranged vertical strips of cotton--over twenty in all--which are evenly distributed over the area of the cloth: simply stunning.

The indigo dyed cotton is starched so it is slightly stiff, but the indigo color, the fabulous kasuri weaving and the luxurious patching are combine to make this an extraordinary length of indigo dyed cotton boro cloth.


Very recommended.