An Beautifully Detailed and Stitched Boro Length: Decorative Sashiko Center

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
77" x 13", 195.5 cm x 33 cm

This length of layered, indigo dyed cotton boro cloth is much more vibrant in person that what is able to be seen in the photographs here. 

The piece is unusually long and there is a beautiful smattering of indigo dyed cottons that make up the length; there is also a good deal of hand stitching which creates the beautiful texture and soulfulness we have come to associate with boro textiles.

Most surprising is the passage of decorative white stitching in the center of the length.

There seems to be a fragment of a sashiko stitched cloth done in the interlocking circles motif that was borrowed and put to use as a patch on this length.

Understanding that this length of layered, boro cotton was taken from a futon cover, it seems likely that whoever stitched this piece enjoyed adding a decorative flourish in the form of sashiko stitching to their bedding.

Rich in old cloth of many different types, this boro length is special and beautiful, and one that should be considered by those who may have wanted to own a boro textile or those whose collection can be expanded.