An Asagi Iro Boro Panel: Hand Spun Cotton Yarns

$125.00 USD

early twentieth century
44" x 13 1/2", 111. cm x 34 cm

This visually low-key boro panel is deceptively interesting.

The base is a wonderful hand-spun, hand woven cotton cloth that is dyed pale blue or asagi as it is known in Japan. This pale indigo tint is faded from time and this fading brings out the hand spun quality of the cotton yarns in a beautiful way.

There are four applied patches which are arranged in a playfully direct way, two of which are stitched to the cloth using hemp thread, a desirable detail when acquiring old boro textiles.

This panel shows two essential characteristics which mark a Japanese folk textile as interesting, hand spun cotton yarns and hemp stitched patches.

Aside from that this a marvelous looking boro cloth with good age and a gentle presence.