An Arimatsu Shibori Yukata: Pleated Stripes on White Ground

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
52" x 51", 132 cm x 129.5 cm

This indigo dyed cotton kimono is of a casual, unlined type called a yukata; yukata are often worn for summer evening strolls or for relaxing at home, at a hot spring or when staying as a guest at a traditional inn.

The shibori dyed cotton cloth from which this yukata was made was more than likely dyed in Arimatsu, one of Japan's leading shibori production centers. The pleated, dyed lines are irregularly spaced and the spare, blue-on-white patterning is really lovely.

There is an extremely faint cluster of stains on the back of the yukata, detailed on the accompanying photographs, however the stains are so pale they can hardly be noticed.

Even though this is a man's yukata it can be also worn by women, too.

A really nice looking old shibori dyed yukata of a type that is harder and harder to find in Japan these days.