An Arashi Shibori Yukata: Machine Stitched

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
55" x 48", 140 cm x 122 cm

This is a good-sized, man's yukata which is an unlined, casual kimono often worn in summer. It is machine stitched--very unusual for vintage kimono--and made of a beautiful hand dyed cotton.

The cotton shows arashi shibori done in two directions, creating a crisscross pattern: the shibori is artfully and skillfully done and this yukata is a treasure trove of old shibori.

As can be seen from the photos which accompany this post, there are passages showing lighter and darker areasĀ of shibori which seems to indicate that this yukata was repurposed as there are uneven patches of light fading.

In good, used condition, the yukata is still very wearable and is quite well-made. Please see the detail photos here which highlight the machine stitching aspect of this piece.

A very good shibori yukata.

An Arashi Shibori Yukata: Machine Stitched