An Arashi Shibori Dyed Han Juban: Omi Jofu Sleeves

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early to mid twentieth century
22 1/2" x 47", 57 cm x 119.5 cm

This pale colored han juban, or half under-kimono, is made of a bodice of indigo dyed cotton with sleeves that are kasuri dyed in either hemp or ramie, the cloth being the famous and high-quality Omi jofu, the well-known woven bast cloth from Omi in present-day Shiga prefecture.

The bodice is dyed in arashi shibori and this arashi shows a beautiful pattern.

The kasuri woven sleeves show a repeat of folding fans, plum blossoms and swallows. As can easily be seen in the detail photos here, the proper, left sleeve of the han juban is damaged and shows a fair number of good-sized holes.

The han juban is hand stitched and the cotton seems to be hand woven.

A gorgeous han juban from old Japan.