An Amazingly Sashiko Stitched Maekake: Faux Bingata Trim

$245.00 USD

ca. mid to late twentieth century
sashiko stitched area: 20 1/4" x 16", 51.5 cm x 40.5 cm

This is a sashiko stitched cotton maekake or a traditional apron. Maekake, were worn by everyone in old Japan, especially by women--and they were a part of the every day work outfit.

This mid twentieth century maekake is a real eye dazzler, and quite unlike an every day maekake since it is so beautifully decorated with sashiko stitching and is finished with such a lovely, cotton tie.

This piece is intensely and expertly sashiko stitched: by comparing the back of the piece--shown in the accompanying detail photos--with the front of the piece, you can see that the sashiko is the same on both sides.  The stitches are regular and beautifully done.  The pattern, too, is just lovely.

The cotton tie is a faux bingata cloth, an imitation of the pricey and well-loved Okinawan stencil dyed cloth which is usually brightly colored. 

This beauty seems not to have been worn and the condition is fine.

A really lovely and impressive sashiko textile, and one that is highly recommended--and wearable.