An Akita Shibori Han Juban: Half Under Kimono

$265.00 USD

early twentieth century
22 1/2" x 23", 57 cm x 58.5 cm

This lovely garment is hand stitched from indigo cotton which was dyed in the shibori technique. Most probably the shibori was dyed in Japan's northeastern region of Akita where this kind of deep indigo toned shibori with fairly spare, bold patterns was produced.

The garment is a half under kimono called a han juban. Likely there were once sleeves which are now missing--not so unusual as sleeves and collars were routinely taken off and put back on to garments.

The pattern is bold showing four petaled flowers and leaves which seem to suggest ivy. Trailing curves of tie dyed shibori add interest to the design. Note the added piece of stray shibori on the front, proper right bottom of the han juban.

This is in very good condition with soft, supple cotton and good rich indigo tones--not to mention the wonderfully rustic shibori design that so richly embellishes the surface.