An Absolutely Beautiful Boro Tsutsugaki Textile: Shattered Folding Fans

$545.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
36 1/2" x 38", 92.5 cm x 96.5 cm

This fragment taken from an indigo dyed cotton tsutsugaki futon cover is made of individual hand dyed pieces that are reconfigured in such a random manner that the end result--this fractured, buoyant, playful design--would be unacheivable had it been carefully planned out.

The pieces show traditional Japanese folding fans that are rendered in two tones--white and light blue--and they are beautifully drawn. The playfully designed tasseled silk cords add an air of lightheartedness to the overall design.

When the image is broken and re-assembled as it is here we are able to appreciate the tsutsugaki dyer's artistry in a new way.

This is a marvelous fragment--and it is of good size, AND it is up to the you to determine which is the more interesting side, the front or the back.

The proper front is shown in the lead photos here. The reverse side is heavily patched and is equally interesting as the proper front, perhaps more so depending on your opinion of it. In any case if you are the fortunate one to acquire this piece you will enjoy both of its sides which can be rotated for your enjoyment.

Super beautiful.