An Absolutely Beautiful Boro Length: Handspun Cotton

$110.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
60" x 13", 152.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a boro panel to be considered for your collection: it is artfully assembled from old cotton fragments which are hand woven from hand spun cotton, and each of its two sides is equally beautiful.

All the cotton fragments show a good deal of age and each one is an interesting example of indigo dyed cottons from old Japan.

The cotton is beautifully textured and illustrates the quality of ito aji or thread flavor so important when collecting good quality, antique Japanese folk textiles. Note, as well, the amazing swath of old, pale blue katazome cloth--rich in hand spun cotton yarns--that takes up most of the area of the "back" of this piece: a really marvelous length of old cloth.

Very recommended for a serious boro collection.