A Zabuton Cover: Mended Recycled Cotton

$40.00 USD

early twentieth century
23 3/4" x 19 1/4", 60.25 cm x 49 cm

This is a zabuton cover which is hand stitched from mended, re-purposed, hand loomed cotton.

A zabuton is a traditional seating cushion which are still used all over Japan, this particular one seems to have been home made and, as is easily seen, the cotton batting has been removed so the zabuton is empty.

The piece can still be used as it is in sturdy condition. There is a break to the seam on the bottom of the zabuton case that is easily stitched-up and put right.

A charming thing that employs hand spun, hand woven cotton, this can be revived and used as hard as it was meant to be.