A Woman's Shibori Dyed Yukata: Indigo on Cotton

$495.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
55" x 47", 140 cm x 119.5 cm

This marvelous summer garment is an indigo dyed cotton shibori yukata, a yukata being a casual, unlined kimono that is worn for strolling on summer nights, for attending festivals and for other types of casual diversions that summer brings.

Beautifully rendered, fluttering butterflies in graduated sizes dance around the top of the garment, high above the omodaka or water plantains that are seen near the hem of the yukata.

Yukata often are emblazoned with images lighthearted, cooling images that are meant to provide the body respite from Japan's humid, hot summers. In this case we see fluttering cherry blossoms which, with their buoyant placement and charming design provide a soothing or cooling effect on the eye and mind.

The large, bold, dark zigzag designs seen on the shoulder and hem of the garment are bold; they provide a wonderful visual foil to the delicately floating cherry blossoms. It seems the shibori dyed pattern inside these shard-like forms is a design called cracked ice, basically it suggests the very early thaw of ice which heralds spring. Often this design is paired with plum blossoms.

The cotton is of good quality and is probably machine loomed on old looms. The overall condition is good and used, with no distracting flaws or damage.

Judging from the quality of the blue color and the dyeing customs at the time this yukata was made it is likely the indigo dye used on this yukata is synthetic or partially synthetic.

Wonderful to look at, equally wonderful to wear or display, this is a delightful, well-designed and well-dyed old yukata.


A Woman's Shibori Dyed Yukata: Indigo on Cotton