A Woven Hemp Kimono: Every Day Wear

$120.00 USD

early twentieth century
shoulder to hem: 49", 124.5 cm 
sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 42", 106.5 cm

This is a stiff, hemp or ramie woven woman's kimono said to be from Fukui ken.

The hand woven bast cloth is dyed a very subtle, dark, neutral tone which is enlivened by light colored narrow stripes and narrow, kasuri-dyed vertical stripes. The pattern of the cloth is shown in detail on the accompanying detail photos.

The color is really a non-color: it is sort of a dark grey-neutral-grey.

The deep color of the kimono suggests that it was worn by an older woman and it is of the plain, undecorated type indicating that it was worn on an every day basis.

It is still wearable today, but please be advised that it is quite stiff and not at all drapey. It feels almost like a heavily starched cotton.

The condition of the kimono is good and used, with very little wear and seemingly no holes or stains.

A lovely kimono from old Japan.