A Wonderfully Patched and Abraded Cotton Work Coat: Small and Lightweight

$220.00 USD

**reduced from $275.00**
early to mid twentieth century
25 3/4" x 46 1/4", 65.5 cm x 117.5 cm (shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip)

This is a fairly lightweight, beautifully worn and repaired indigo dyed cotton work coat. As with many of this type it was undoubtedly repurposed from a cotton kimono and there is evidence of this in the type of striped cotton used in the hand stitching of the garment.

The patching and abrasion to the back of the small jacket is a beautiful visual contrast: the hard edge of the patch looks wonderful against the soft abrasions that flank the top of it. 

Note as well the fairly extensive mending to the interior part of the jacket which can only be seen by looking into it. Its outside surface does not bear much evidence of the patching to be seen on the interior.

If you are intending to acquire this to wear please note the very narrow, fairly short sleeves. This might be problematic on certain body types.

This is beautiful to own as it is a testament to rustic mending and it is a wonderful, artistic object in its own right.