A Wonderful Cotton Khadi Towel #1: Handspun Cotton

$40.00 USD

57" x 26", 144.5 x 66 cm

Khadi is a kind of traditional Indian cloth which is generally woven from homespun yarns of cotton or silk.  
The production of khadi cloth in India was revived by M.K. Gandhi in the early part of last century whose manufacture was waning due to the advances of industry.  Gandhi was intent to make his country more self sustaining and to allow its cultural heritage to shine against the British occupation.  Gandhi envisioned the khadi industry to gather force against British colonialism and to to make a statement of independence and solidarity against the British: to this day in India, Gandhi's image is displayed in the various khadi shops in Indians towns and villages.
This length of khadi cotton was woven to be a kind of hand towel.  It is the same weight as a hand towel or a tea towel, but the texture is crinkly.  The irregular, wrinkled texture of the cloth is intentional and is shown for effect; we think this texture enhances the beauty of this hand woven cotton cloth.

The colors are just gorgeous: the base is a kind of variegated white and mulberry color.  There are two side stripes of a similar mulberry, and a set of three stripes that run along the narrow edge of the piece on top and bottom.

Note the slubs present within this hand spun cotton cloth.

Just lovely.

A Wonderful Cotton Khadi Towel #1: Handspun Cotton