A Wonderful Boro Futon Cover: Superb Patches and Stitching

$495.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
69" x 37 1/2", 175.25 cm x 95.25 cm

For those who are looking for a boro futon cover that is rich in details of patching, piecing and stitching, consider this beauty which contains a wide range of beautiful details.  This is a wonderful boro futonji.

This boro futonji is pieced from many fragments of hand woven, striped cotton--and judging from the size of the pieces, the cotton seems to have been harvested from a kimono, which is not at all unusual in the making of utilitarian folk textiles such as this one.

The there are many fragments of this striped cloth which are laid next to one another in wonderfully, visually exciting ways.  Add to that, there are mending patches in various colors of cotton that are overlaid on top of this striped patchwork, thus adding another layer of visual excitement.  But to crown this off, please note the passages of thick, white sashiko stitching which abounds on this piece, piercing the surface in so many ways: there are sharp zigzags, loop de loops, wandering stitches and more, each of them just beautiful to behold.

This is a piece that is so rich in details and subtlety that it will give pleasure for a very long time--it will take a great deal of time for the eye to discover all the hidden treasures contained in this wonderful futon cover.

Very recommended.


A Wonderful Boro Futon Cover: Superb Patches and Stitching