A Well-Worn Sashiko Stitched Bag: Embroidered Cotton

$110.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
18" x 9" 45.5 cm x 23 cm

This is a well-used cotton, drawstring bag which is lined in cotton.  It is heavily sashiko stitched around the bottom quarter of the bag.

The cotton of the body of the bag is dyed a black color.  The round shaped bottom of the bag is indigo dyed cotton.  

The sashiko stitching is arranged around the lower perimeter of the bag in a series of four, peaked shapes.  Shown are four patterns of sashiko stitching, the persimmon flower, the mountain, the tortoiseshell and small crosses.  Just wonderful, and they are configured beautifully around the base of the bag.

As you can see some of the sashiko stitched threads have broken from the hard wear this bag received during its lifetime.  As well, the black-dyed cotton of the bag has faded from use and exposure to light--and, as well, there are some splotches of discoloration.

All in all this is a very charming, boro sashiko stitched bag that is still very useful and durable and one that is quite attractive.