A Well-Used Cotton Noren: Resist Dyed

$245.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
64 1/2" x 39", 164 cm x 99 cm

This is a scuffed and well-used noren or door covering which is made of heavyweight cotton that has been resist dyed with a pigment derived dye. The color is a warm, rich brown.

Noren are still very much seen in Japan as they often function as shop signs: they hang in front of the entrance to a store or business and their presence signals the business is open. 

This particular noren is resist dyed with kanji or Chinese characters spelling the family name Ikeda so this was more than likely taken from some kind of business.

Because the cloth was dyed with pigment dye it is scuffed.

The undyed portions are also a bit yellowed from age and show some ingrained dirt.

There are two areas where the stitching has come loose: one is on the back, top on the "pocket" through which a bamboo pole is inserted and the other area is on the top of the noren on one of the seams. This is shown on the accompanying detail photos and each of these unraveled seams is to repair.

A very handsome noren in good, used condition.