A Well-Patched Three Panel Boro Cloth: Indigo Dyed Cotton Kasuri

$150.00 USD

early twentieth century
42" x 27", 106.5 cm x 68.5 cm

This is a really attractive indigo dyed cotton boro fragment that shows a good deal of patches and layers, and very good indigo dyed cotton cloth.

The central panel shows a traditional Japanese design motif of arrow feathers rendered large in kasuri or ikat. A very nice kasuri cotton patch sits in the center of the arrow feather panel. Very good cotton surrounds this swath of kasuri, most of it of hand spun cotton which feels very good in the hand.

As can be seen there are two holes on the right-hand side of the piece, almost in mirror image.

As well there is surface abrasion, as can be expected from this textile which had been well-used in a home in old Japan, presumably as part of a futon cover.

Rich in stitching, patching and design.