A Vintage South Indian Golu or Kolu: Lord Shiva

$75.00 USD

mid twentieth century
8" x 2 3/4" x 2", 20.25 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm

This charmingly rendered and painted molded figure is what is called in South India a golu or kolu.

These figures--and there were many gods and goddesses depicted in the form of golu--were set out in traditional home displays in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during the nine night Hindu festival called Navratri

This golu depicts Lord Shiva, one of the three great gods of Hinduism who is one of the most awe-inspiring ones because of his sometimes fearsome attributes. Although Shiva is referred to as "the destroyer" (of evil) his other qualities are more abstract since his is a great yogi and is lost in timeless meditation. He is also known for his benevolence and his role as a profound teacher.

Here we see Shiva depicted wearing a loincloth of tiger hide and carrying his trident, which has come to be known as a identifying symbol of those in the cult of Shiva. His dreadlocked hair sprouts the goddess Ganga or one of the most sacred rivers in the Hindu religions.

As can be easily seen on the accompanying detail photographs, this golu shows a good deal of wear, patina and surface damage.

This is an approachable and collectible image of the great god Shiva as a golu with a good deal of age.

A Vintage South Indian Golu or Kolu: Lord Shiva