A Very Small Banjara Pouch: Indian Stitching

$45.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
6" x 7", 15 cm x 17.75 cm

This is a wonderfully vibrant, very small cotton bag made of layers of cloth that have been hand stitched together.  This is an Indian bag which is made by the Banjara, a nomadic group who are known for their vibrantly colored and stitched textiles.

As can easily be seen, this small bag is hand stitched, the madder red ground being host to white, yellow and blue hand stitched decoration.  The cotton is rather thick and layered and is just a bit frayed on the edges.

Still very useful as a coin purse or something similar, this is a lovely and spirited textile from India.  Some abrasion and wear.
A Very Small Banjara Pouch: Indian Stitching