A Very Patched Striped Boro Length: Wonderful

$90.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
61" x 13", 155 cm x 33 cm

This length of very patched, boro cotton is really, really handsome.

Taken from a futon cover, this boro panel is made of hand loomed, shima or striped cotton.  Five separate pieces of this cloth are hand stitched together to create this length.

Applied to the surface are almost 40 individual mending patches, all hand stitched, and each patch showing a good deal of hand stitching.  The color and woven pattern of the patches as they relate to the striped base cloth is remarkable. 

Along with the rich texture that is the result of the hand stitching on this cloth, the bold smattering of many patches and so much stitching makes this a very, very good length of early twentieth century cotton boro.

Really gorgeous.  


A Very Patched Striped Boro Length: Wonderful