A Very Patched Shinafu Bag: Linden Bark Fiber

$245.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
20" x 12", 51 cm x 30.5 cm

Shinafu is cloth that has been woven from the inner bark of the linden tree--and it is a collectible bast fiber that is characterized by a scratchy, wiry yarn that often shows a distinctive, copper color.

This is a simple work bag woven from shina yarn that has been repeatedly patched with cotton fragments, creating a wonderful flurry of random contrast over the rough and scratchy asa base cloth.

The bag is constructed from one length of cloth that has been folded and sewn shut.  As shinafu is a fairly rare and often pricey bast fiber from old Japan, this bag is collectible--and is a wonderful example of shina fiber and boro cloth.

Very recommended.

A Very Patched Shinafu Bag: Linden Bark Fiber