A Very Patched and Well-Used Koshimaki: Sekka Shibori

$95.00 USD
early to mid twentieth century
27" x 45", 68.5 cm x 114.5 cm

This indigo dyed sekka (snow flower design) or itajime shibori garment is a koshimaki or a kind of Japanese half-slip to be tied around the waist and worn under a kimono.

This particular one is made of sekka (snow flower design) or itajime shibori. This type of pattern was widely used in the early-to-mid twentieth century for casual kimono, diapers, undergarments and the like, its wide use was due to its relative ease of hand manufacture.

The base cotton is slightly gauzy in weight. And as can be seen in the accompanying detail photos, it has been well-used and intensely mended over time. The proper back of the garment, is heavily layered with white cotton patches and lots of stitching. As is easy to see there is a congregation of streaky, linear, ingrained stains on the white, patched cloth.

The top of the koshimaki is a wide band of undyed cotton which terminates in two, narrow ties. 

This is a rather amazing piece to study for its traditional mending but more than that it is really fun to look at and would be a small treasure to own.