A Very Long, Beautifully Patched Mid Century Boro Length: Layers

$156.00 USD

**reduced from $195.00**
mid twentieth century
92 1/2" x 11 1/2", 235 cm x 29 cm

This is a very long, very scrappy, heavily layered length of boro cloth. It is shown here folded because it is too long to be photographed in any detail.

The surface is loaded with tattered patches and a good deal of intense stitching, some of the stitches being circular and eccentric in form as they are in service of patching very particular breaks in the cloth.

The back layer of this length is a lovely type of vertically-oriented, warp-based kasuri cloth, spare in design and quite elegant. Of course by now the cotton shows a great deal of wear and some breaks to it, but that is the nature of a rough and tattered boro length.

Beautiful for its texture and stitching, this is a really good piece of boro cotton.