A Very Large Sekka Shibori Cloth: Six Panels

$265.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
80" x 76",  203.25 cm x 193 cm 

Sekka shibori which is made by folding and dyeing cloth, is probably familiar to many of you.  This type of shibori was used a great deal in the early 20th century for a variety of clothing and bedding, from women's undergarments to babies' diapers to summer yukata.

This is a lot of sekka shibori.  It is an extremely large piece which is composed of six, individual panels, each of which is machine stitched together.

The effect of such an area of sekka shibori is dazzling and on this piece, the blue color is strong and the cotton is a fine shade of white.  

You will notice that in some of the white areas the blue dye has strayed; as well, there are a few, not many, match head-sized holes, perhaps four in total, one of the illustrated in the accompanying detail photograph.  As well, there is a tear to the outer edge of the selvedge, which can also be seen in the accompanying photos here.

For a better sense of the great size of this piece, have a look here.

A marvelous acquisition for someone interested in art or craft, and this piece begs to be re-used as bedding.


A Very Large Sekka Shibori Cloth: Six Panels