A Very Large, Red-Colored Cotton Boro Textile: Saturated Color

$395.00 USD

mid-twentieth century
85" x 66 1/2", 216 cm x 169 cm

This is an unusually large boro, textile. It is hand stitched from richly colored red cotton and was more than likely taken from a larger piece, a futon cover.

The distinctive red-colored power loomed cotton is probably gleaned from kimono linings which are often dyed a deep, rich red.

The cotton is lightweight and the patches which can be seen on the attached images are tone-on-tone. Because the cotton is recycled and is fairly light in weight there are clusters of small holes here and there, the result of wear and of being re-purposed.

This vibrantly colored, mid-twentieth century, commercial cotton futon cover is a rare one for its wild color and its good size.