A Very Large Piece-Constructed Machine "Sashiko" Cloth: Two Layers

$425.00 USD

mid twentieth century
75" x 68", 190.5 cm x 173 cm

This very large and very attractive textile is made from two layers and several panels of repurposed cloth.

Its two sides are very different from one another and each is equally attractive.

As can be easily seen the entire surface is machine stitched--"machine sashiko"--in white thread in intersecting lines. This stitching is so clean and expertly done, and covers the entire area of the cloth, that it makes for a stunning and essential detail of this otherwise very attractive and large cloth.

This was probably intended to be a kotatsugake or a cover for a kotatsu which is a traditional, heated table that would be covered in blankets under which members of a family would gather to share warmth.  Or, it could have been intended to be used as a mat for the floor, for sleeping, sitting or doing work. 

In any case it appears not to have been used as the cloth is crisp and the textile is in very good, apparently unused condition.

The unintended design on the front and the back of the textile is all you would like to see in one of these utilitarian textiles made in the home and for the home. It has an accidental artfulness that can only be the result of happenstance.

Really beautiful.