A Very Large Patterned Boro Futon Cover: Commercial Cottons

$132.00 USD

**reduced from $165.00**
mid twentieth century
64" x 61", 162.5 cm x 155 cm

This is a large, splayed futon cover that is hand stitched from a good deal of commercially printed cotton with a nice amount of machine-aided kasuri cotton, all done in tones of brown, white and black, primarily.

The flowered, commercially printed area of cloth is studded is lightweight and a bit fragile in some areas. As can be seen it is patched in places and the patches all seem to fall into the basic tonal range of the rest of piece. Note as well there is one fairly small hole to the piece, shown in a detail photograph.

The cacophony of clashing patterns makes this twentieth century futon cover so charming, and should you wish to repurpose this and transform it into something else, there are endless possibilities lurking here.

A really charming, spirited repaired boro cloth from Japan.