A Very Large, Backed Katazome Dyed Cotton Textile: Broad Sashiko Stitching

$316.00 USD

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early twentieth century
78" x 64", 198 cm x 162.5 cm

This is a quite large, broadly stitched and backed textile, probably a kotatsugake which is a cloth to be draped over a heated table or kotatsu. A draped, heavy cloth such as this traps the heat so a family who gathers near the hearth and places their legs under the cloth stays warm.  A small burn to the top, right corner (pictured here) reinforces the idea that this was a kotatsugake.

The cloth is made from indigo dyed katazome cotton, the pattern of the katazome being stylized chrysanthemums and arabesques against a background of small, white dots. Orange dyed areas are scattered judiciously and regularly over the design.

The cloth has faded and/or oxidized over time and it now shows as a greyish tone. More than likely this cloth was taken from a futon cover and re-purposed into the layered cloth we see here.

It is backed in a dark-toned cotton which shows repairs. On this back side we see broad, white, cotton stitches that are formed as a loose grid. Quite appealing.

The kotatsugake is of a very good size--larger than most by about 13" or 33 cm--and it is heavy and drapey.