A Very Handsome Dark Boro Cloth: Good Age

$85.00 USD

late nineteenth century
54" x 13", 137 cm x 33 cm

This is an extremely good looking length of layered boro cloth that, in person, is so much more attractive and textured than what appears in the photographs that accompany this post.

Almost all the cotton pieces that make up this textile are very, very dark colored 19th century cottons showing narrow stripes of low contrasting colors.  More than likely these richly colored, dark cottons were taken from everyday kimono which were recycled to make this length of cloth which itself was taken from a futon cover.

In most areas of this cloth, there are three layers which have been patched and stitched together, the barely visible contrast between the various dark patches is just beautiful--and subtle.

A wonderful piece of old boro cloth.


A Very Handsome Dark Boro Cloth: Good Age