A Very Good Old Boro Length: Wonderful White Stitching

$165.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
74" x  13", 188 cm x 33 cm

This is a very, very good example of an old boro cotton textile, one that is rich in thread taste (ito aji) owing to its beautifully hand spun cotton yarns, the careful hand weaving, and the brilliant blue of the indigo dye.

Add to this, the surface patina and all the warmth from years of human wear: this is extremely evident when you look at--and feel- this old, hand woven Japanese textile.

To the surface of this cloth are eight or so equally "tasty" cotton patches which are affixed with thick, white cotton stitches, the stitching containing a great deal of character and personality in itself.  These patched areas of this boro length are quite thickly layered.

Look carefully at the accompanying detail photos and you will see these stitched passages illustrated.  As well, you will see that the back of this futon cover panel has a good dash of visual interest, which is not always the case with boro textiles.

This cloth, with its age and ingrained humanity, is an especially good boro cloth, and comes recommended.

A Very Good Old Boro Length: Wonderful White Stitching