A Very Good Looking Boro Work Coat: Patches and Patina

$540.00 USD

early twentieth century
28" x 36", 71 cm x 91.5 cm

This beautifully patched boro work coat shows a remarkably nice rough patina from years of wear. The coat is displayed here inside-out in order to see all the patches applied to its surface.

The indigo dyed cotton is hand woven and the patches are set by necessity, however this necessary mending has also produced something wonderful to look at: a rich arrangement of a good variety of different-sized patches that by happenstance are configured to appear as "art."

There is fading that has turned a kind of tan tone. This adds a dimension of visual interest to the piece that is a both a surprise and a benefit. 

The sleeves both show applied patches that appear newly-done, but this detail does not detract from the enjoyment of the entire piece which is, by most standards, a very good one.

For those interested in acquiring a boro work coat please consider this one. It is good. The dimensions as listed above are shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip.