A Very Good Kasuri Futon Cover: Visual Surprises and Auspicious Symbols

$300.00 USD

**reduced from $375.00**
early to mid twentieth century
68" x 38 1/2", 173 cm x 98 cm

This boldly patterned, indigo dyed kasuri three panel futon cover is really wonderful to look at and has an immediate graphic impact--but look closer and you will notice some subtleties to the design that are not immediately apparent.

This piece shows a pair of cranes rendered as roundels repeated with an eight-pointed design that in Kurume--where this kasuri was woven--is a symbol based on the number 88 that represents a wish for long life. The crane, too, is a symbol that conveys hope for a long life so longevity is the symbolic message of this futon cover.

But look closer.

Notice that on the right-hand panel the fabric was flipped so it is in mirror image to the panel directly to its left. This is not noticeable on first glance.

More so, look at the bottom of this right-hand panel to see that the "pair" of cranes is actually woven as only one, not two--quite a mystery as to why. And, again, not terribly noticeable at first.

These oddities add to the charm of this piece which is really fun to look at and has quite an assertive visual presence.

The indigo dye reads as black more than it reads as blue. There are two mending patches to the back of the piece. And there is some very subtle surface abrasion that might be evident in the detail photos attached but which does not distract from the overall enjoyment of the piece.

Recommended--and what a joy.