A Very Good Boro Noragi: Interesting Inside and Out

$345.00 USD

early twentieth century
shoulder to hem: 32", 81.5 cm 
sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 52", 132 cm

For those looking for a very good, indigo dyed cotton boro noragi or repairedwork coat, consider this one.

It is a beautifully patched and mended jacket which is equally interesting inside and out--and attached to this posting are a quite a number of photos of the coat seen from all angles and in detail.  The photos will hopefully give a good sense of the complex beauty of this old coat. 

The jacket is made of old cottons, some of them probably having been woven in the 19th century and the overall color tone of the coat is deep indigo which is modified by areas of patching and fading.

The sleeves are also patched and they are long and narrow.

There are so many small areas of visual interest that inhabit this noragi that it is difficult to describe them all in words, which is why there are so many photos.  Enjoy looking at them, and know that this is a very good quality boro noragi with good age and wear.

Very recommended.

A Very Good Boro Noragi: Interesting Inside and Out