A Two Process Cotton Han Juban: Shibori and Stenciling

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
24" x 24 1/2", 61cm x 62 cm

This beautiful, hand stitched, indigo dyed cotton garment is a shibori han juban or a half under-kimono. It has been dyed in the arashi shibori technique.

Arashi means "storm" in Japanese and by noting the strong, repetitive diagonal lines that are embedded in the cloth by pleating and dyeing we see why the word storm is used to describe this effect.

Additionally there is a stencil-applied design which was laid over the shibori, in this case it is a repeat pattern of crosses set within a field of small dots, the not-easy-to-notice dots add some added vibrancy to the design.

The han juban would have had sleeves which have been removed: in its lifetime as a serviceable garment sleeves would have been put on and taken off for a variety of reasons.

The straight seams of Japanese garments allow for a good deal of alterations depending on the purpose for wearing a garment or if an element of it needs to be refreshed or changed for any reason.

This shibori han juban is in good, used condition with relatively clear, bright white cotton and nice, strong shibori and stenciled patterns.

In good consistent with its age.

Very attractive.

A Two Process Cotton Han Juban: Shibori and Stenciling