A Two Plaid Boro Panel: Hand Stitched Contrast

$45.00 USD

early twentieth century
60" x 13", 152.5 cm x 33 cm

This is a beautiful, hand stitched length which is composed of three segments showing two plaids, a bluish plaid and a blackish plaid, both having intersecting yellow and white lines. The visual combination of these two plaids is really appealing.

This well-used cloth was undoubtedly taken from a futon cover which was made from recycled cloth. The cottons are abraded and in a few cases a small hole or break can be seen to the cloth.  There are two mending patches which are located at the top of the length.

Simple and beautiful, this fragment from an old futon cover shows an unintended and beautiful combination of old, hand woven checked cotton cloth.

A Two Plaid Boro Panel: Hand Stitched Contrast