A Two Panel Mat of Old Shibori: Dynamic Symmetry

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
45 1/2"x 26 1/4", 115.5 cm x 66.5 cm

This is two lengths of old, rustic shibori that have been hand stitched together and finished on top and bottom, thus creating some kind of a mat. The mat was probably intended for sitting or, probably more to the point, it was intended to be used as a mat for a baby or small child.

The cotton is tightly woven and rather heavy in the hand and the indigo dye seems to be plant derived.

The pattern on the shibori is bold--it shows large-scale flowers, a slashing diagonal line and an ellipse made of small tie dyed circles. What is so interesting about the design of this mat is how the two shibori lengths were joined together to create a mirror image effect, quite dynamic in its visual appeal.

As can be seen there is a nice patina from wear on the entire piece along with some light fading, not unusual because this piece was clearly put together from recycled pieces so they had an entire lifetime of use before they were configured as they are now.

The piece does not lay entirely flat as it is a bit puckered on the center seam but it is still very much able to be displayed on the wall and admired as artwork which it seems to be calling out to do.

Really, really nice.