A Two Panel Katazome Dyed Cotton Boro Textile: Many Patches

$275.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
60 1/2" x 25", 153.5 cm x 63.5 cm

This is a beautiful, two-panel indigo dyed cotton katazome boro cloth which was taken from a futon cover.

Here we see what is the proper "inside" of the futon cover, the place where all the mending and patches appear. As such we also see the back of the katazome dyed cotton which shows a blurry and smudged all over pattern of stylized chrysanthemums in a beautiful, clear and strong indigo tone.

The proper right-hand side of the cloth is patched in narrow slivers of cotton and the body of the cloth is studded with patches of various sizes. There is a bit of a tear to the lower, left-hand side of the bottom edge, seen in the detail photos that accompany this posting.

The rich color and the smudged surface of the katazome cotton--in combination with the applied patches--make this a really beautiful boro cloth.