A Two Panel Katazome Boro Fragment: Layered Patches

$225.00 USD

early twentieth century
64" x 23 3/4",162.5 cm x 60 cm

This is a wonderfully subtle two-panel boro textile.  It is pieced together of katazome dyed indigo cotton, the katazome pattern being composed of hexagons and fragments of hexagons that are staggered and stacked, the interiors of the hexagons bearing a stylized flower form.

This two panel piece is patched all over using large pieces of the base cloth so it is hard to see how these overlapping pieces are laid on one another.  What is plain to see, though, are the contrasting patches that appear prominently in the center of the piece, on its seam.  They are light colored cotton pieces: along with these two are darker patches in indigo dyed blue, and the patches number around eight in all.

A truly wonderful fragment from a boro futon cover, this piece really demonstrates how cloth was used and reused in old Japan.  And its faded pattern is beautiful to see, especially as it is fragmented by the layering and patching.


A Two Panel Katazome Boro Fragment: Layered Patches