A Two Panel Kasuri Textile: Morphing Patterns and Scale

$275.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
66" x 25", 167.5 cm x 63.5 cm

This beautiful, elegant and unusually patterned panelĀ of indigo dyed cotton cloth is composed of four separate pieces which hand stitched together to form two, complete panels.

The cloth is woven in the kasuri or ikat method where the yarns are resisted and dyed before the cloth is woven: the weaving of the cloth creates the intended pattern embedded in the yarns before they were woven.

In this case there is a morphing of pattern and scale: two sizes of the diamond or matsukawabishi (pine bark) design repeat and then give way to two sections of hexagons, or kikko which is the tortoiseshell motif. It is unclear why this sudden shift in design occurs along the length, but for whatever reason it leaves us with a beautiful thing to see.

In the center of the cloth there is significant wear, especially on the left-hand side; this is patched on the reverse side.

This is wonderful old length of indigo dyed kasuri cotton: handsome and unusual in its patterning.


A Two Panel Kasuri Textile: Morphing Patterns and Scale