A Two Panel Faded Safflower Dyed Textile: Benibana Shibori

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
49 1/2" x 26", 126 cm x 66 cm

This is a two panelĀ cotton cloth, finished with a hem at top and bottom, that was dyed in safflower or benibana as it is called in Japan. As can be seen this benibana cloth was dyed in the shibori method.

More than likely the two parts here were taken from a kimono. The dyestuff benibana is associated with Tohoku or the rural northeastern part of Japan and it is speculated that this kind of safflower dyeing was done in Kyoto using northern material.

The cloth is worn well and hard. Safflower is a famously light-fugitive dye and it is not unusual for it to be faded overall and/or to have have strident streaks of serious fading as this one has in its middle part. This is not surprising for old benibana dyed cloth.

You will see slight staining to the cloth, some snags to the surface and a hole (pictured) and other evidence of wear to this beautiful, delicately colored two-panel cloth.

Safflower dyed shibori is something of a delicacy or a confection in Japan, the ethereal quality of its dye and the shocking pink tone of it (when freshly dyed) make it a collector's item and is given special attention.

This one shows very nice shibori dyeing and in spite of its condition is something beautiful to own. Benibana dyed cloth of this pink tone is a desirable old cloth from Japan.

If you are to display this do not do so in direct light: strong, direct light will further fade this piece.