A Two Panel Boro Length: Patched Katazome

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
61" x 26", 155 cm x 66 cm

This is a two panel length of beautifully katazome dyed cotton which is shown here on its reverse side in order to display the six patches which stud its surface.

The reverse side of this cloth, its proper "right side, shows a faint pattern of flower clusters amid arabesques which is easy to see when the the cloth is turned around to reveal its proper "right" side.

The color is a beautiful. It is a clear yet faded blue and the cotton is hand woven. On the patched side there is a light dusting of the remnants of cotton floss which have not been able to be extracted from the toothy surface of the hand woven cotton--this surface detail is shown on the accompanying detail photographs.

This is a very handsome textile and one that has visual interest on each of its two sides.


A Two Panel Boro Length: Patched Katazome