A Twentieth Century Artist's Sketchbook: Gestural Studies by Inohara Taiga

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
when closed: 10" x 7", 25.5 cm x 17.75 cm
20 pages

This is a commercial note book which is filled with gestural studies in ink of animals, birds and people by the 20th century artist Inohara Taiga.

Almost every page is drawn on which means there are approximately 38 or so pages of sketches.  The studies range from several images crowded on one page to a lone image sparely rendered.  

In certain cases there is an attempt to render people in historical settings and costumes, mainly geisha and courtesans.  There are a few small images scribbled in ball pen while most seem to be of sumi ink.

The artist seems most assured when drawing birds and animals as the lines which define these subjects is the clearest.  

An interesting sketchbook that is crammed with images, a few of which are quite good in their economy of line and their conveyance of a moment.