A Tsutsugaki Furoshiki: Yellow over Indigo Dye

$245.00 USD

early twentieth century
57 1/2" x 50 1/4", 146 cm x 127.5 cm

This is a good-sized, tstutugaki dyed furoshiki, a furoshiki is a traditional cloth used for the wrapping, hauling and storage of goods. Furoshiki are still widely used all over Japan.

The hand resisted design is slightly askew in its placement in the center of this off-square. It seems meant to be set on a diagonal and it shows a family crest, the tomoe design, which is placed inside a frame-like effect. 

The rich green color tone is the result of indigo dye being dipped into a yellow dye stuff. The furoshiki is hand woven and the four panels which compose it are hand stitched together.

There is one small stain and two repaired areas, each of which is shown on the accompanying detail photographs.

This is a very nice looking, old furoshiki with a fairly unusual rendition of the family crest set in center.